Enjoy Arma's Parks and Recreational Areas

Arma Park - 251 N 5th St, Arma, KS 66712

Park Rules:
  • Consumption of alcoholic beverages is prohibited.
  • For PA systems and/or sound equipment please request an approval.
  • Vehicles are not permitted in non-designated areas.
  • Proper disposal of litter is expected.
  • Anchoring or digging into the ground is not permitted.
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Of the many parks within our community, the Arma Park is the City's main municipal park. This park has been the hub of annual celebration and events during most of the development of our community. Catering to families, the park provides art, playground equipment, traditional games of bocce and horseshoes, and even restroom facilities that many other community parks do not provide or make available.

The Arma Ballpark Field.

South 1st St, Arma, KS 66712

Community support has made this Baseball field one of the most popular playing fields in the area. Complete with a grandstand, concessions and restroom facilities, this ball field has hosted more games than most people can remember.

Fund raising projects by the Arma Recreation has kept this ball field in excellent condition, and includes permanent seating with family names to honor those who have contributed to its success and upkeep.

Special Thanks to the following families and their dedications:
Dr Ron & Pat McKee, Mary Barone Cleland, Bob & Bette Lessen, Gary Pommier, Linda Carpino, Samuel J. Nicoletti, Bob Lessen, Chad Boswell, Joe Caputo, Byron & Linda Wosel, John & Fannie Wosel, Bud & Maggie Caputo, Oscar Cleland, Frank & Roger Doue, Dick Cleland, Ron & Dan Crepinsek, Eda & Sonny Wosel, Bob Pazzie, J.P. Terry Cleland, Sheldon Bicknell, Frank Blazic.

arma ballpark sign
hookie park sign

Joe Caputo "Hookie" Park

800 Maple St, Arma, KS 66712

McDonald Baseball Field.

201-299 N Hoisington St, Arma, KS 66712

mcdonald park sign